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Please go to californiacondoguru.com to find out all about Beth Grimm, her mission, experience, qualiications, insight, to read free articles and find free resource information, FYIs, E-news archives,and the hottest topics, as well as more detailed information about all the publications available for sale.

This store is the place where you can pay for legal services (once approved by Beth Grimm), and purchase the incredible resource materials for affordable prices you won't find anywhere else. There are books, forms,guides and primers in PDF that are affordable for everyone who needs information about living in a homeowner association and managing one. These are much preferable to paying hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour for a lawyer to tell you what the law says and how to solve some of the common problems board members and homeowners face every day. You can read more about each of the offerings in this store on the publications link at www.californiacondoguru.com.